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Where to ride a mountain bike in winter? We recommend 4 Italian towns.

Cycling in the winter mountain bike you can… And we recommend 4 Italian locations where the temperature is definitely milder.

Are you planning an escape from the winter cold riding your mountain bike but don't have the clear ideas on where to go?

We never stop, in fact we also like to ride in winter where the scenarios constantly change colors… And we also want to propose to you the perfect locations to warm the bones when in the city or where you live, the thermometer grazes the thermal zero.

You do not have to take note and plan your next weekend by bike.

Girls while making a selfie on the beach of Follonica

Don't want to give up pedaling in winter?

The know that, sooner or later, the cold polar comes to knock on our doors!

Sometimes in advance, compared to the other winter seasons, and accompanied by some beautiful snowfall, the cold could make our mountain bike trips difficult, especially for the most feel and chilly.

Personally, the cold has never frightened me indeed, I have always considered a nice way to fortify myself.

Who has not happened, for example, even during the summer, to take some good frost at high altitude?

Fortunately, I have always managed to enjoy my bike rides even with the most stringent temperatures: the technical material in the market, to date, is certainly an excellent ally in this.

I recommend you take a look at our article: Winter clothing from bike… how to dress when it's cold!.

Cycling in winter women on the beach in Follonica

It remains the "problem" on where to hijack the classic outings out-door!

For those who did not have the opportunity to go out on the snow riding a fatbike Here are some small suggestions.

For those looking for some alternative method of training do not miss Laura's article for an indoor workout.

Too much snow in the mountains? That's where you bring your mountain bike to the heat!

For lovers like us of the bike in all seasons, here are some tips for cycling in winter in bike-friendly locations.

The heart of Ride Like a Girl Project originates in Veneto… With precision on the beautiful Euganean Hills and Berici Hills, location able to offer the best of themselves during the spring and autumn season, even if, with the arrival of the cold and the great mists, we like to migrate in search of milder climates.

Cycling in winter mountain bike women in the old mass

Massa Marittima: Immersed in the Tuscan Maremma

Massa Marittima, in Tuscany and precisely in the province of Grosseto, is a place to which we are extremely fond, where cycling in winter means shorts!

In 2017 we went back twice: in February on the occasion of our Ride Like a Girl event and in late October for the old mass end of SEASON PARTY.

In particular, we recommend you to spend your stay just in the old Massa.

It is a residence studied to the extent of biker: there you can wake up in the midst of nature, turn on trail to the reach of all always cared for by the association the Trail Brothers, but also dedicate some lift to the van and vent your desire to Descent on paths really adrenaline!

The climate simply fantastic, mild to the right point can give you sunny days where you can in the spring clothing (in November we have even shot in short sleeves!).

Cycling in winter patios on the trails of Massa Marittima

And if in the area the weather is not the best just move a few miles to find some more degrees and beautiful paths that overlook the sea of Follonica.

But this we tell you more below… 😉

Finale Ligure: Enduro Mecca

From Tuscany we pass directly in Liguria because, if you have never been to turn to finale Ligure, it is really time to go there. 😀

In December was held the zero edition of a truly unique event dedicated to women who love to go on Mountian bike: the wheels for ladies.

Obviously we could not miss and soon we will tell you our report… Anxiously awaiting the next edition.

Cycling in the winter in mountain biking at finale Ligure

Finale Ligure can be considered the mecca of enduro: The trails are really fun and technical (some also very) and will definitely test your bicycles full-suspension, giving great satisfaction.

The flow traits that start from Nato Base alternate with more demanding, steep and rocky sections in the area of Madonna della Guardia: We are sure that will not disappoint any lover of gravity!

Finale Ligure, however, is also known for its famous 24 hours, the XC race for biker Solitaire or team, held in the area of mania. The path always passable, offers an incredible panorama on the coast and thanks to the climate but below 10 degrees, it is possible to ride all year round.

Cycling in winter in Liguria mountain bike

Where to sleep and some useful contacts to turn to finale Ligure

Sure you will find excellent hospitality and good food at every farm in the area, we suggest a useful reference to organize your trip in every detail.

On the portal www.mtbfinale.eu you can find excellent mountain bike guides with which to turn, organize your van climbs, find a support for your transfers and overnight stays.

You can also contact Just Ride final of our friend Louise Pauline Enduro champion and excellent guide. With her you can enjoy the trails, enjoy an excellent cuisine in the tavern and also stay at the Bed and Breakfast.

We are certain that it will be a valid ally for your holidays!

Sanremo: Land of flowers

We always stay in Liguria, the region where the perfect climate is the master for your redates during the colder winter days.

Also here of course there is a trail of fear, good food and breathtaking views!

The trails of Sanremo are known by the most daring, from those who love the Enduro and the gravity of a certain level. The trails are long and often dusty and allow you to test your skills as a rider.

Bike riding in the winter with Valentina Macheda and Manuel Ducci

Site often frequented by athletes of downhill and enduro of world renown who spend days to test new materials in view of the season of races.

Where to stay in Sanremo and how to organize the shuttle for the climbs

Thanks to the Sanremo Bike Resort Portal You can access all the services that Sanremo offers including the search of B&B, hotels and restaurants that support this project and that support the cleanliness of the trails.

To have some advice on the organization of the holiday in every point of view (Rent a bike, transfer to the airport, overnight) you can write directly to the two guides of exception Valentina Macheda and Manuel Ducci (info@sanremobikeresort.it).

Thanks to them you can organize your outings with the bike shuttle and above all we advise you to contact them for some guided tours, camp, driving courses and athletic training!

Vale, we look forward to coming to see you:-D

Punta Ala and Castiglione della Pescaia

From Liguria we return again to Tuscany, for precision to Punta Ala and Castiglione della Pescaia other locations that we recommend to visit the lovers of Enduro and all-mountain.

The type of trails is varied: easier on the coast and very busy in the hinterland.

The area is constantly working and new routes are cleaned every year immersed in the Tuscan Maremma.

Cycling in the winter mountain bike women are resting Silla beach of Calaviolina

At Punta Ala we can take as reference the Camping Resort Puntaa and start to know the area along the paths of Calaviolina or moving to Castiglione della Pescaia where the trails are easier and the climbs are also pedaled with mountain bikes by Cross country.

If you want to go immediately on the technician, then I advise you to head a few kilometers from the coast to test you on the routes of the bandits, a place that initially seems wild but where you can find long and challenging descents .

In This area the temperaturà is almost the whole year mild, very similar to that of Liguria as well as the type of land.

Valentina crossing a Ford on a bicycle

Where to stay and how to organize your trip

I recommend you to refer to the Camping point mentioned above, although unfortunately in the colder months is not open or search for accommodation through the site of Castiglione della Pescaia.

In low or better off-season you can enjoy these places in their tranquillity.

As another reference regarding the climbs and support point in case of need, I recommend instead to hear the bike shop Bagnoli bike, always available for any eventuality.

I just wish you good winter rides!

Giulia Morandin
La mountain bike è la mia più grande passione, mi piace andare all'avventura e scoprire località nuove e remote in sella alla mia bici. Umanista di formazione, sono un'amante della natura e dello sport, tanto da averne fatto una professione. Sono insegnate di pilates e di spinning e anche accompagnatrice mountain bike.