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Travelling with the bike… few tips to do it in an easy and smart way

Traveling with the bike is meant for you adventure? Do you want to camp comfortably in an easy and intelligent way?

We were at the Camper’s Expo in Parma we found some ingenious ideas for travelling by car, van or motorhome, having both the space to charge everything you need to practice your favorite sport both to sleep and live in a way Comfortable.

So no more wet tents and hard to assemble, but simple and clever solutions.

Travelling with the bike camper saloon
The Camper Expo in Parma.

7 tips for travelling with the bike

Volkswagen Caddy Beach

Volkswagen offers Caddy Beach, a vehicle for camping enthusiasts in the open air, by the sea or in places far from the chaos and immersed in nature.

Travel with the Volkswagen Bicycle Caddy Beach
Caddy Beach of Volkswagen is the special “Camping” version of the German minivan.

The “camping” version of the now well-known German van brand offers the possibility of turning the back into a comfortable bed.

Tinted glass with air intakes, objects and a bespoke awning for the tailgate that creates a comfortable veranda.

The idea we loved thinking since, too, we often find ourselves spending weekends in some places, organizing at the last moment.

This solution turns your car into a convenient minivan for camping.

Allcar Tommy Turtle the Mini Caravan

For those who need more space in the car a caravan could be the best solution. We found the little Allcar Tommy Turtle a nice and convenient idea to bring with you your own mini house.

The interior offers a double bed with some compartments to store everything you need for your holiday and in the back a mini kitchenette allows you to enjoy a stove and a small washbasin.

A vintage idea that has come back very fashionable in recent times. What you need is the tow hitch homologated in your car.

Gentle Tent for Cycling

A brand new German, very innovative, has devised Gentle Tent, a series of inflatable tents, very light mountable both on vehicles and without the need of a motorized vehicle.

Travel with bicycle inflatable tent trolley
Gentle Tent provides several solutions of inflatable tents.

The most smart idea is B Turtle, the bike tent trolley for cycling enthusiasts.

The weight is about 40 kg, not among the lightest certainly, but it allows to stop in the desired place and to sleep raised from the ground in a comfortable bed, to rest at best and resume the pedaling the next day.

Travel with the bicycle gent tent inflatable
Gentle Tent has devised a bike inflatable tent trolley.

Ideal for those who ride an E-bike!

Stingray The hammock Tent

Who ever dreamed of a tree house? And who loves to rest on the hammock and lull you from the wind?

Travel with the Stingray bike tent
Stingray, the raised tents.

Stingray is the ideal solution for those who want to immerse body and soul in nature, maybe just where they end their favorite path or on the shore of a mountain pond. A solution that everyone likes, both for adults and children!

The classic Maggiolina

Who doesn’t know the Maggiolina? It is now seen on the roofs of many cars. One of the most used solutions in recent years, designed to camp in the most extreme conditions.

Travelling with a bicycle in Maggiolina
The Maggiolina is the best solution for those who love adventurous camping.

The Maggiolina, proposed in various models and colours, is a very comfortable system, always ready to use. A simple crank allows you to open the bed wherever you are.

The canvas walls maintain the temperature of the internal environment to allow you to sleep even at low temperatures.

Travelling by bicycle Maggiolina car
can also be mounted on a normal car.

Many are the accessories of Autohome, manufacturer, which make camping with Maggiolina a fast, easy and comfortable solution.

Also for vacations that go over a weekend.

The camper designed for E-bikes

For those who prefer the comfort of a motorhome with all the necessities always on board the manufacturers have thought of specific fittings for those who always carry with their own E-bike.

In addition to spacious garages have added the possibility to directly recharge their own E-Bike while it is placed inside the camper DL through a convenient power socket to use.

Travelling with the bike camper outlet ebike
Socket located in the Motorhome garage to recharge the bike E-bike

In addition, the hot air vents also in the hold help to dry clothes and shoes in case they are wet. Another interesting accessory is the external hand shower to rinse from the mud before entering.

But this is really a luxury for us! 😉

Some brands that offer these options are Chausson and Knaus.

Where to Camp? It says Garden Sharing!

It is not always possible to stop in the first place that is located but a new original idea offers the possibility to find who can accommodate you.

Traveling with the bicycle garden sharing
Where to park your motorhome or tent? You find it Garden Sharing.

Garden Sharing is an online portal for those who want to host travellers who need to stay with motorhomes, caravans or tents… Offer your own garden or land as a parking spot, offering maybe some services like current, hot shower or maybe a nice pool is an innovative solution you camping.

Nothing better than getting in touch with locals to discover secrets and curiosities of the location you want to visit.

The smartphone application and a service for cycling enthusiasts will also be available soon.

Want to leave…

Several, therefore, the possibilities to travel with the bike… There is really an embarrassment of choice, we just have to find the solution that best suits your needs.

To see these proposals of camping we came to want to leave for the next trip… What about you? 😉

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