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Fruits and vegetables: how much, what, why and where to buy it!

fruits and vegetables

They return the advice on the diet of Irene chrism and this time we talk about fruits and vegetables of the season.

As soon as the word “diet” is pronounced, there is an immediate association with an idea: a unseasoned salad accompanied by a crispy apple.

As this image is a deceptive stereotype (follow a healthy diet means nourishing well, not perishing) there is a bottom of truth: vegetables and fruits are definitely at the base of healthy nutrition.

But why do these foods “do well”? How much do you have to eat? And what typology? Let’s see it together!


The Ministry of Health recommends the daily consumption of 5 portions of fruits and vegetables. To be translated then in 2-3 portions per day of vegetables and 2-3 of fruit.

Per serving means:


1 medium fruit (one apple, one pear, one orange) or 2 small ones (kiwi, mandarin).


If we talk about raw vegetable leaves the portion is about 80 g, as for the one to cook about 200 g (a fennel, 2-3 zucchini etc).

Translated into domestic measures: you should have both lunch and dinner a saucer apart with our beautiful portion of vegetables. You got it right… A nice full saucer! The lettuce in the sandwich doesn’t count.

These portions allow to reach the daily needs of fibre.

What is fiber?

The dietary fiber is a component not entirely digestible (the man fails to derive energy, not much at least, unlike the Friends animal herbivores) that has several functions, all very useful.

At the intestinal level is the nourishment of the population of “good” bacteria present in the intestine, which happy after feasted will have beneficial effects on the whole organism, even on the immune system.

The intestine will have a greater trophism and, dancing, will allow to reach the daily regularity. In addition to this the presence of fiber in the meal makes it possible to have a greater sense of satiety and a lower increase of blood sugar (amount of glucose in the blood) post-postprandial, straining less the pancreas in the production of insulin.

Fruits and vegetables at the market

But in fruits and vegetables is only fiber?

Negative! First of all, distinguish fruit from vegetables: In the fruit there are naturally sugars (about 15 g per serving, 3 teaspoons), which we will not find in vegetables.

What else do they provide?

Water, vitamins, mineral salts, all substances that allow a good functioning of our organism.

NB: potatoes are not vegetables but they bring complex carbohydrates. According to their nutritional composition they are more similar to dough and bread.
Legumes (beans, chickpeas, fava beans, peas, soybeans, etc.) have a higher nutritional power (they contain proteins and carbohydrates) and are to be considered as “the flesh of the poor”, but we will also talk about it at another time.

Which one?

The fact that consuming fruits and vegetables daily is very important, we move on to the next step.

Better to consume raw or cooked vegetables?

The first answer and advice is to buy possibly vegetables and seasonal fruits. The planet we live in is intelligent, providing us with what we need most depending on the different times of the year.

The ideal, with regard to vegetables, is to have every day both a portion of cooked vegetables and one of raw vegetables, since some vitamins are altered during cooking.

Another note: We are not goats! 😉 Do not consume scondite vegetables. You need to add a little extra virgin olive oil to your dishes, to allow a greater absorption of some vitamins.

Where to buy them?

There are several points of purchase where we can find vegetables and fruit, we see together the pros and cons of each of these.


  • It is convenient, you can make a single expense, the prices are not particularly high.
  • You will find many varieties out of season and imported from distant countries, often the taste is not the best.


  • The taste is good, for the current legislation is allowed the use of less additives.
  • The price however is generally high.

Flea markets 0 km

  • Great taste, reasonable price, are present for the strength of things only vegetables and seasonal fruit.
  • The only difficulty is to find the shopping points and schedule the shopping.

With this I would not oblige anyone to choose a point of purchase rather than another. The priority is to put these precious foods on the table every day.

I personally believe, though, that the small realities of the nearest outlets and local things should be encouraged.

With the current rhythms, the various meals consumed outside the house and the little time available to devote to the meal is difficult to reach the ideal consumption of fruits and vegetables.

You have to organize, prepare some food in advance and plan your shopping, but especially realize that it is worth it!

In addition to all the benefits we have talked about in fact it will be more difficult, once you finish the meal, feel the need to gorging of other less healthful foods, so it is all to gain.

“I always want the foods that are better prepared by nature and pass by the least number of hands before arriving on our tables” J.J. Rousseau. Emile Oude the L’éducation

Irene Crisma
Sono appassionata di sana alimentazione, intesa sia come alimentazione equilibrata che come un sano rapporto con il cibo. Un buon nutrimento infatti non è solo un giusto apporto di calorie e nutrienti, ma un modo di prendersi cura di sé stessi, con ascolto e consapevolezza.