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Appennino Tosco-Emiliano… Mountain biking between chestnut trees and blueberries

Where to ride a mountain bike? Today we bring you to the Appennino Tosco-Emiliano

Among the most fascinating routes that I have travelled on the Apennines, there is the one carried out in September on the border between Emilia-Romagna and Tuscany.

In the province of Modena, between the valleys of chestnut trees and blueberries, there are paths that can be travelled on foot or by mountain bike.

A constantly increasing network that allows to reach the altitude of 1800 meters and then proceed in long single tracks that descend both in the Emilian valleys and in the Tuscan ones.

The starting point of many paths is the Croce Arcana from which, if the sky is clear you can see a panorama at 360 degrees.

Mountain-Bike-Appennino Tosco Emiliano GPs Bush of blueberries autumn

Where to Park

If you are coming from the province of Modena you can reach on the paved road The hut shed Tassoni.Li you can leave your car and start to climb, in the woods, the White road that takes you straight to the arcane cross.

If you are coming from the province of Pistoia, once you reach Cutigliano, follow the signs for the ski lift.

You will have the possibility to leave the car at the parking of the cable car that will take you, at a cost of 7 euros per way, directly to the village Doganaccia.

Once you have reached the altitude you will have to proceed by pedaling on dirt road until you reach the Arcana cross.

Mountain Bike Ride Lake Bargeman Apennine

Type of Tour

The tour that you find here and which you can download the GPS track, is of medium difficulty, requires a good training and technique downhill. You’ll also have some short stretches where you have to push your bike on foot… This is what makes the ride a pedalling immersed in nature.

A regenerating path that continually varies scenery. However, always make sure you have the weather before you put yourself on the saddle because, in bad weather, it might be difficult to practice it.

The path you find here, for those starting from Fanano, needs a mechanical support, or the use of two cars (one to go to the departure of the lap and one to leave at the end of the route) or you can ask for a passage to the campsite Eco Day which, equipped with Van and Bike trolley, you will be able to take you to the starting point of the Giro hut.

Don’t forget to prepare your backpack properly. The ride takes about 4-5 hours of travel to an average pace with some photographic stops and to enjoy a good sandwich.

From Fanano to Doganaccia passing by Croce Arcana

Look at the maps and download the GPS track by clicking on the cloud below.

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