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Sara Taiocchi in bici in Val di Fassa per Girlstories

Sara Taiocchi: una runner in bici in Val di Fassa

Sara Taiocchi, runner, and the experience in Val di Fassa with Ride Like a Girl Project and Your Big Stories …

We are back in Val di Fassa to record new GirlStories videos. Sara Taiocchi, runner and cyclist who has experienced the mountain bike and the e-bike. He reads a bit about how he lived this experience …

My passion for the bike is by osmosis

My grandfather was a character and there are many people that remember him in the village.

Sara Taiocchi by bike in Val di Fassa for Girlstories
Photo: Your Big Stories

As far as I’m concerned, I mainly remember the arguments for the remote control: from May, suddenly, he returned to occupy his seat to enjoy the Giro with my grandmother. And I just wanted to see the Smurfs.

We all have a racing bike in the family. Our growing up has been punctuated by birthday presents fitted with wheels and wheels and pedals then.

So, despite my great passion for running and especially for running in the mountains, the bicycle has become part of my time, the one dedicated only to myself, the small gift in a day full of commitments, thoughts, deadlines.

Sara Taiocchi by bike in Val di Fassa for Girlstories

3 girls on bikes in Val di Fassa

Pedaling without haste and keeping an active mind, I arrived in Val di Fassa, for an all-female weekend dedicated to the world of two slow wheels. 3 days, 3 bikes, 3 itineraries and 3 girls in a context where sport is an integral part of everyday life.

Here, where the most beautiful Dolomite peaks that Europe envies us, a UNESCO heritage site, call sportsmen of all disciplines to let them live their total experiences, diving in a tame nature, but still sublime and majestic.

Sara Taiocchi by bike in Val di Fassa for Girlstories
Photo: Your Big Stories

In a living culture, capable of preserving traditions and enhancing their characteristics for a tourism eager for discovery and learning. In short, in Trentino.

Between a test and an interview, a shoot and a snack, I know little, little by little Elena and Milena, my adventure companions.

Elena is what I would like to become. PR manager Italy of Polartec , is co-founder of Ride Like A Girl Project , which aims to encourage cycling among women.

Brilliant, empathetic, attentive, she proved to be an excellent teacher in teaching me the secrets of mountain biking.

Sara Taiocchi by bike in Val di Fassa for Girlstories
Photo: Your Big Stories

Milena smiles with her blue eyes and her light immediately suggests how tough she is. Its strength has given off all when a bad accident has tried to break it, without serious consequences fortunately, if not to give way to its positive and combative energy , able to start it again and to look at life with serenity.

He works in a bicycle shop and, as a former athlete, he really knows a lot.

Sara Taiocchi on a bike in Val di Fassa for Chiara Costazza Girlstories
Photo: Your Big Stories

Con loro scopriamo questa terra meravigliosa che è la Val di Fassa, attraverso le storie di altre ragazze, atlete e non.

Pedaliamo con Chiara Costazza, sciatrice alpina italiana, con la voglia di mettersi in gioco dopo anni di carriera.

Andiamo per sentieri con Pamela, che con il suo stile street&flat non farebbe immaginare di essere un’imprenditrice con la voglia di far conoscere la sua terra ai turisti attraverso l’attività sportiva.

E infine incontriamo Francesca, che ha scelto il duro lavoro della rifugista e che forse la bellezza in cui è immersa ogni giorno, la rende ancora più splendente e solare.

Nessuna competizione, nessuna malizia hanno sporcato queste giornate. Inutile sottolineare che tutti gli stereotipi sul mondo delle donne siano stati schiacciati sotto le ruote tassellate delle nostre mountain bike, frantumati dal lavoro veloce dei nostri cambi e soffiati via fra i raggi robusti delle nostre e-bike.

Se non fosse così dannatamente banale, ti parlerei di complicità, ma forse sarebbe meglio chiamarla intelligenza sportiva.

Quella sensazione che si prova all’interno di una squadra, quel poter fare affidamento su qualcuno, su un gruppo che c’è, nonostante sia allargato, sicuramente non scandito da appuntamenti regolari, ma che nel momento in cui si forma, è in grado di offrire sicurezza e supporto.

Sara Taiocchi by bike in Val di Fassa Girlstories
Foto: Your Big Stories

Ride Like It was not just about bikes. Perhaps it is the GIRL That makes the difference and Therefore, I am proud and happy Even More to show on my mountain bike  the stickers of this group and to bring in my next adventures the Tiffany colored shirts That makes us all damn cool.

Follow Sara’s stories in her blog ” The glass cabinbaita di vetro “.

Writing is always hiding something, so that it is then discovered.
– I. Calvino –