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deejay 100 Milano at the Vigorelli Velodrom Elena Martinello

Deejay 100 and Vodafone Milano Ride first edition… done!

The first edition of the Vodafone Milano Ride 2017 has definitely debuted successfully… And the Deejay 100 was my chance to be present at the event!

The Milan week end took place in three days where you can totally immerse yourself in the world of cycling.

A really suggestive and historical context since the whole was carried out inside and outside the mythical velodrome Vigorelli.

Vodafone Milano Ride 2017 by Radio DJ

The different cycling disciplines that gave rise to the event attracted the attention of families, professional cyclists, fans of the two wheels and fans of Radio Deejay from all over Italy.

Surely a novelty for the city of Milan where the bicycle is becoming not only a means of transport, but also a way to escape from the traffic.

Velodrome Vigorelli

But I want to tell you about my experience as a mountain bike rider at his first race on the road!

The Deejay 100

Wake up at 6 pm to be on the grid before 8… I had not yet rented the chip, I almost had thought not to withdraw it, but last I said “but come on, there is no number of bib without chips”… And I mounted it on my bike.

Deejay 100 Race Pack

A little bit excited I was honestly… It was my first road race, in group… The first Granfondo was always this year at GF Stelvio Santini, and already I had the chance to test myself in the race, but the format was different.

My initial thought was focused on the 108 km waiting for me, I thought I didn’t get to the 12 in time awards, at least to see the winners of the race.

Departure Deejay 100

Luckily meeting Paola who showed up right away to have more experience of me in fact of Granfondo and road racing. We did not miss an opportunity to make us some selfie between the stands of the Deejay Village, and with pockets full of supplements… We then entered the grid between the first files… In VIP area!

The concern was there, since my legs were not very trained at long distances but especially at the high speed that I was expecting.

In front of me there were professional cyclists guests of the event, there were also Linus, Brumotti, Nicola Savino and many other faces known… I didn’t want to do it… But imagined that at the start I would have given everything I could!

and ready to go… That Deejay 100 is! 😉

View from my handlebar to the deejay 100

It is definitely a part of the streets of Milan, between tram tracks and Pavè… A continuous pull and spring in an infinite group of cyclists that filled the road of red.

The 50 km faster than my life I made them in just over an hour… And I, according to my calculations, thought that I would go to an average of no more than 30 per hour!!!

Paola me by some advice on how to stay in groups and how not to give up the wheel of those who stood before me not to tire me too much.

I try to stay with her though then I let her go and at the first refreshment I found I did a pit stop!! :)))

Sponsor Deejay 100 Radio DJ

Almost half the race made at all, with legs burning a bit but not too much… The plain seems to be my strong and integrating properly, I managed to maintain a good rhythm without losing too much force, and after my very short stop, I am more energetic than before.

I picked up another group that made me the right speed.

The most beautiful thing is to find friends in the race and thanks to my GoPro, in some parts of the road not dangerous, I have allowed to take some selfie-memory of this first edition of the Deejay 100.

Women of Deejay 100 at Vodafone Milano Ride

The finish line arrives in a blink of an eye… Or better in a pedal stroke.

My 108 km I have so routes in 3 hours and 5 minutes to the average of 35.4 km hours.

Not bad for my first Test on the road since I have climbed even on the third step of the podium for my category!!!

Deejay 100 podium women category Master W2

Recovery Post race StopContratture

At the last 10 km I had taken a slight peckish and I imagined already a nice plate of pasta, but first of all I did not miss the opportunity to do a relaxing massage and decontracting at the booth StopContratture.

The girls of #stopcontratture were ready to put up the legs of those who had taken part in the Deejay 100…

Look at the pictures you find on their Facebook page and find out who has done a nice massage! 😀

At the last 10 km I had taken a slight peckish and I already imagined a nice plate of pasta, but first of all I did not miss the opportunity to do a relaxing massage and decontracting at the booth of Stopcontratture.

Stopcontratture massage of Friliver post race

To find out more, I recommend you consult the website www.stopcontratture.it. In fact, you can find useful information for sports in a safe way, as well as expert advice on the correct training to be performed before any activity.

Definitely a nice end to the day.

The muscles are a part of our body that we must always take care of: before and after physical activity, otherwise we risk not to achieve the desired sports performance.

Our body is an incredible machine and the more we know it and the better we know how to exploit its potential!

Experience definitely to repeat… See you at the next Vodafone Milano Ride. 😉

Elena Martinello
Born in Vicenza I'm at a point of my life where I do what I love: riding bicycles... I write, tell and share stories from the women's cycling world. Co-founder of Ride Like a Girl Project comunity, my focus is to involve more girls to join the two wheels world. I'm social media manager, photographer and traveler, always looking for new experience that can make may life richer.

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