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Alberto Contador Elena Martinello Arizona

Cycling with Alberto Contador, Polartec and the Foundation… on the Arizona’s roads

My last trip of the 2017 was in Tucson Arizona… Riding with the cycling’s legends Alberto Contador and Ivan Basso.

I have the idea that if you have a dream in the drawer you have to believe it and sooner or later you will see it realized. Mine was to go to the United States of America, with my bicycle for sure… And as a magic my desire this year came true.

Already last year I had been selected to participate at the event #FollowContador by Polartec in Gran Canaria where I could ride side by side with one of the current legends of cycling: Alberto Contador.

Usually the special oportunities happen once in a lifetime, but this time it wasn’t like that. Thanks to my new collaboration as ambassador with the brand manufacturer Polartec Fabrics, this opportunity it happened to me again.

The U.S. is home of the American brand and that’s why the CEO Gary Smith wanted to organize a training camp bringing the Fundacion Contador boys to his country together with a group of journalists who write for prestigious magazines all around the world.

Al the group in Arizona with Alberto Contador Ivan Basso Jesus Hernandez

Polartec-Kometa project

The 2017 was a year that saw the end of a big career of Alberto Contador, but also the beginning of a new project that will bring the foundation which has carring his name to a level certainly higher: the new team Continetal Polartec-Kometa could mark a new era of cycling.

And it is for this reason that the second event organized with the Spanish champion was called Pasar El Fuego (pass the fire to the next generation).

Contador, from now on, will have more time to devote to young people, to convey his valuable knowledge about the competitions’s world and probably to find out new talents.

What is Polartec Fabrics?

I want to talk to you about Polartec Fabrics an American brand from Boston, which has made the history of the technical and sport fabric, which has always partnered many companies that produce mountain clothing.

Polartec is a company born in 1906 where it began dressing the American army starting on wool production.

The company philosophy is to “solve problems” of those who practice a particular physical activity and to be in constant research and development of new material, mixing synthetic fibers with natural ones, because nothing is impossible and unachievable.

logo polartec fabric

Always at the side of great athletes and ready to offer them materials that help to take physical performance at the highest levels, they have been pioneers in fabrics creation such as the fleece obtained from recycling plastic.

Since few years, Polartec has entered the cycling apparel market, collaborating with big brands such as Castelli, Rapha, Dainese and Giro.

Polartec wears the foundation’s boys as a second skin and for this great occasion in Arizona has provided all the participants a kits in different fabrics to be tested directly on the bike.

Fundacion Alberto Contador Philosophy

But the great project which I have been impressed is called Fundacion Alberto Contador created in a difficult sport world for young people that wish to become professionals.

The first message I read at the press conference with Contador and Basso is that “the great champions do not improvise, but emerge thanks to the talent cultivated with great sacrifices.”

But this is not enough, because professional cycling is teamwork and to be selected to be part of the Fundacion Contador, a privilege really for a few, you have to prove not only athletic skills, but also want to work in groups and respect Strict rules.

Fundacion Contador team

And it is from here that you can set the base to build a team that can emerge internationally and achieve great results.

The creation of the Polartec-Kometa team goes to complete the foundation’s nursery, already an incubator of young talents that until last year was limited to compete in national or in some European races.

What amazed me incredibly is the passion that the whole crew that follow the athletes transmits, first of all Alberto Contador who is always ready to give wise advices to the boys and be for them an example of inspiration.

Alberto Contador Ivan basso with Fundacion team

Respect and discipline are fundamental elements which are transmitted to young athletes and will give them an excellent teaching on how to face the sporting life, but also everyday life.

Sport is therefore an opportunity to grow, mature and understand the true values of life… Work hard and constantly, appreciating every little thing and sharing experiences together.

Fundacion Contador is not only about competition but also provide bicycles to the poorest children that can be for them a faster transport to go to school.

Pedaling in Arizona

The experience in Tucson as ambassador and blogger, was for me again the opportunity to ride with incredible people who turned their passion into work and reason of life.

I was incredibly happy to rush into the Arizona desert, among giant cactus and incredible rocky landscapes with a final climb of 40 km on Mount Lemmon.

A five days getaway from the autumn, where we pedaled dressing light clothes in a warm but dry climate and reviving my tan stripes…

To make the journey even more fun was the excellent company that shared with me, every day, fatigue and emotions and even some great beers! 😉

I felt with pleasure the common idea towards this sport so hard but that join people together with the same passion. “Pedaling together” is the message that also Ride Like a Girl Project wants to give, sharing our experiences with you, giving new motivations every day.

at the airport on the way back from Arizon

Sport makes us stronger physically, but also mentally and helps us even to overcome the difficulties of life… Because a nice ride takes ourselves into incredible landscapes, away from everyday stress.

Good rides to everyone! 😉

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